Jim: "I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for your kindness, consideration and the classy way you worked with me on this morning's shoot. You will always have my respect for your outstanding artistic smarts and your feel for what might make an interesting picture. It's obvious that you were taught very well, but a lot of what you bring to a shoot is simply that with which you are blessed - the very best word to describe the gifts you clearly have. Earth is chock full of women who are beautiful on the outside, but many of them lack an inner beauty. Many also don't know how to turn their beauty into something artful with a healthy dose of intelligence behind the art. You are a beautiful woman both inside and out who can. I am very grateful to have worked with you today and would be thrilled to have that honor someday again if that should ever come to pass. Thank you for allowing me to step up to a challenge that I wanted to take on, for with your help I believe I will be better in the craft. If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me"



Mike: "Katy_T - a force of nature...Katy: You are amazing, you are the bond that ties the artistic world together. You fill the voids between structures and add your form & beauty to the magic that is photography. I had the pleasure, honor, thrill and good fortune to shoot with Katy. I have not been the same since working with her. I feel that my own Artistic Vision will never be the same.


From the beginning until the end I felt like I was in the presence of a 'Force of Nature,' Intelligent, Driven. An artistic partner - alive with ideas - not posed. She searched every moment of her movements for the perfect position. Between whatever objects she placed herself or any surface that she attached herself to - she became the force tying it all together in a composition of beauty - simple, elegant. ~~ Katy T - Thank You! A chance of a lifetime"



Gary: "I have heard it said of certain models that they emit unusually amazing light reflecting qualities. I have always wondered what this meant and whether it was scientifically possible and how I might find an amazing light reflecting model with which to work.  The more I thought the more I decided it was a ridiculous premise and totally unfounded. What I had discovered working with models was that some had an inner world that could be captured and some did not. It's not a criticism of those that don't have this resource to draw on but for me, those that do, have such a story to tell that it enhances their effectiveness as subjects in a way that challenges and supersedes ordinary perceptions of beauty.


For me Katy is a rare example of a model who truly emotes an inner world and her popularity the world over proves that she is one of the greatest models working today.  I am truly honoured to have worked with her and if I were to suggest a model to work with, it would be her".