SW Nude: "I had the pleasure of working with Katy, and I must say it was one of those wonderful experiences, both in photography and life. She was punctual, full of energy and full of creativity. She is a dream to work with.. one of those rare models that can contribute to the creative process with her own ideas, or to which you can give an idea to and she will give you a thousand different variations on it.


To quote the photographer Paul Markow: 'Beautiful women are a dime a dozen, you can find them on any street corner.. but a woman that can perform in front of the lens - that is a rare find.' Katy is a rare find.. she can perform in front of the lens."



Tim: "Katy is absolutely amazing.  Her energy and spirit fills the room with a creative flow like no other.  From the time she hits her mark there is no stopping her genius.  Her movements and knowledge of space knows no bounds.  If you have a chance, never pass on an opportunity to work with Katy.  You will not be disappointed."



Phillip: "You meet many people over time and they just fade away, then you meet Katy just a beautiful person, very sensual woman who can laugh and bring a smile that will last even when she has left. Katy you are very special in who you are and what you do, you truly created some amazing art when we worked together .. thank you Katy till next time"



Jim: "Working with Katy is a great pleasure. She is as intelligent as she is beautiful with a great personality and a fine work ethic. With her keen eye for aesthetics and form, a shoot with her is an artistic collaboration. I also appreciate her willingness to endure adverse conditions outdoors, sacrificing her comfort to create the image. She is not only a model but an artist as well. Truly a delight to work with."



Steve: "Dearest Katie, I wanted to thank you for a remarkable photo session, and tell you how much I appreciated the input I asked for. Your promptness, preparedness and professionalism are second to none! The creativity and graceful movements you brought to the shoot are all I could hope for. I look forward to another opportunity to work together... the sooner the better!"