Simon: "Katy is a lovely person to work with and be in the company of, serious, fun and creative all in one package, what more can one ask! Any photographer that is even remotely interested in working with an artistic nude model, working with Katy is an experience not to be missed. She is prepared to go that extra mile in, at times, far from perfect conditions, to produce something special, she also has a keen eye and will come up with something you may not have noticed or thought of.


Katy is very articulate and can pose in just about any shape form or position imaginable. Katy_T - dancer, choreographer, model! Whatever label you apply to her, make no mistake... she is an artist of the highest order."



James: "My session with Kate was simply amazing. I was the first American photographer that she had ever worked with, and she was incredible. She posesses a natural flair for the camera, knowing without direction, moving without comment, and motionless when she feels the image is in frame. Besides her natural beauty, she posesses a natural grace that is nearly mesmerizing to witness. I look forward to many more sessions with Kate. Hell, I'll even make the trip to London. Thanks Katy".



Chris: "Katy is the embodiment of the fine art model and artist. Beauty, form, grace and strength are her obvious attributes, but she is also creative, self driven, and charming. Katy is a mentor for aspiring models and has set the highest of standards of what a model and artist should strive towards.Thank you for coming to Montana, you're more than welcome to stay again and again"



George: "What can I say, she is simply sensational! We worked in pouring rain and high wind, walked over flooded land, climbed fences, walls and a 30 ft windmill and all before lunch! Her posing and attention to detail make every image a winner and I'm delighted with the results. Hurry back Kate!"