George: "I have worked with Katy many times and each and every time she has been on time or a little early, a trait very important to me. Katy is always a pleasure to work with. She is interested in making each and every image a masterpiece while all the time coming up with ideas of her own. Katy is one of my all time favorite fine Art Nude Models and ranks very highly in the field of nude modeling. I highly recommend Katy to anyone desiring to shoot one of the finest models and professional ladies in the business. I welcome all inquiries as to Katy's work and her character.



Andy: "I had a shoot with Kate and found her to be fantastic in every way, communication, time keeping, interactive, and stunning to capture. I know that I came away from the shoot wiser and richer for the experience. She is worth booking for the knowledge she possesses, particularly if you are new to working with a nude model, I guarantee you will learn more in one day with her than anyone else. A brilliant day. Thank you Kate."



Nigel: "Had a great shoot with Katy. Lovely to work with, with a great toned body, she goes to great lengths to ensure you get the shots you want. Highly recommended"



Roland: "Worked with Kate for the 3rd time. Kate is a true professional and great to work with. Full of ideas adding to any shoot. She is absolutely superb in artistic poses for fashion or art nude, enhanced by her dance background. Have achieved great shots every time. Thanks to Kate this time in producing the results despite the extreme cold in the Studio. As high a recommendation as you can get."