I'm a world renowned, internationally published art nude model, with a background in dance, choreography and acting.


I've been creating art since April 2005. Originally from England, with a mix of French and Israeli blood, but currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). Despite my location, I do travel a lot and I return to Europe every year. Please contact me for details!


I'm a spiritual person, so I give a lot more to my shoots than just a pose. I take a very active role in the creative process.


World renowned photographers I've worked with include Sylvie Blum, Andreas Bitesnich, Kim Weston, Guido Argentini, Pascal Baetens and Matthew Jordan Smith.




Please note: this site does contain artistic nudity. You must be of legal age to view these images.

"Beautiful women are a dime a dozen, you can find them on any street corner.. but a woman that can perform in front of the lens - that is a rare find. Katy is a rare find" (SW Nude)


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